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Better sexy and racy than sexist and racist.

You can call me Aphrodite.

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me & fox
by nymphoninjas

mmmm :)

Anonymous asked: That pegging photo was the hottest thing ever. We think you should post the video. xo

omg thank you :3 *blushes*

but no, the video is not of posting quality haha xx


Ω Mors omnia solvit Ω

 Lipstick Museum Berlin


Dress by


We were both going commando on our way home from the airport on Saturday :3

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Sasha Grey, from the book “NEÜ SEX
Photographs by Ian P. Cinnamon

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puckerupdollface asked: Hey girl! So my boyfriend and I have been following you and your boyfriend for quite some time now because we think you guys are our doppelgangers! Not like actual creepy sci-fi doppelgangers but more like twins. It is strange how much your lovely couple pictures resemble ours. Anyway, just thought you should know!

oh hey there! thanks for following us :) and thanks for dropping a line, always welcome!