Mythical Filth

Better sexy and racy than sexist and racist.

You can call me Aphrodite.

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Already miss lying next to this beautiful man ❤️

Hi Lioness !Once again we’re uber late for out coffee club submission, but if you let us in we have coffee, a bed, sun, and a bodysuit fully equipped with a bunch of very well placed buttons to unfasten… Does that sound fair to you ? :}

That sounds very fair - and i’m willing to negotiate for people who take such exquisite photos. So glad to hear from you two. Cheers you lovebirds, xoxo.

The lobby of the Overlook Hotel

Most popular MAC shades by country

Memoirs of the Devil by Roger Vadim

Unknown Death 2002

Thank you for being so strong when I’m not

i literally “awwww”d out loud